Oversized Drawers Organize Plastic Storage Bins With LIDS


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Product information:

Scope of application:Shoes, lingerie, CD, remote controls, socks, sweaters, jewelry, magazines, stationery, cell phone, tissues, extensive, cosmetics, bra, medicine, toys, groceries, clothing, cables/wires

Storage scene:Inside the closet

The material:plastic

Specific material:PP

The proportion of new plastic material:100% new material

Can you carry on:can


specifications:Small, medium, large

Packing list:

1*storage box/
Storage box * 1+cover * 1

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 220 × 150 × 340 cm

Style1, Style10, Style11, Style12, Style13, Style14, Style15, Style16, Style17, Style18, Style19, Style2, Style20, Style21, Style22, Style23, Style24, Style25, Style26, Style27, Style28, Style29, Style3, Style30, Style31, Style32, Style33, Style34, Style35, Style36, Style37, Style38, Style39, Style4, Style40, Style41, Style42, Style43, Style44, Style45, Style46, Style47, Style48, Style49, Style5, Style50, Style51, Style6, Style7, Style8, Style9


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